Monday, October 24, 2011

Finding out

i have only just remembered this old blog was still in existance.
I will try to put up more here if it is easier to get to.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

2nd show in Toowoomba

Well we didn't knock them over so much this weekend.
Harry did win another 1.10m with a super ride on the jump off and rode in a 1.20m class with Titan.
Liz didn't have as good a time but I keep saying all miles to put into the bank.
I rode Valondra in two D grades for double clear rounds, she coped very well.The jumps certainly are not be the problem as she is brave and careful.
Our trip home took three days due to a stressed hose on the fuel line. Diesel was spraying out and luckily it was easily fixed after finally finding out what was causing the problem.Sometimes you can be lucky,as when the truck was grounded we were 10kms away from Willow Tree. Friends of mine and plenty of other horse people, Justin and Marisa Honner have a horse agistment and nursery just off the highway so our horses were safe and we didn't have to cool our heels in a garage.
Most people would remember Wil a big chestnut horse George Sanna and I and Chris Chugg rode in World Cups.Wil also became Michelle Barrera's first Grand Prix horse. He was owned and ridden by Marisa when he was a d grader.
I am certainly grateful for their hospitality and expertise.
The Big News for Harry and Jane is that she won the 4 year old Mini Series run by the Oaks Sport Horses.
Jane competed in three qualifiers for a 1st and a 2nd.
She wins a saddlecloth,we will get a picture up asap.
We have a quiet time for a couple of weeks for rest and recuperation and we will find somewhere else to go to ride over some jumps.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harry is a state champion.and Liz wins too.

We are in Toowoomba for two big shows.
The Toowoomba Jumping Club ran the first weekend which was the Qld Champships.
Equestrian Qld will run the 2nd show with the World Cup both shows are on the Toowoomba Showgrounds.The facilities are great, loads of stables and an indoor plus the huge grass arena used for the Royal Toowoomba Show.
David Sheppard from Victoria and Graham Watts QLd were the Course Designers, and a grand job they did too, lovely flowing tracks .
.Harry convincingly won the 1.10m championships with Titan.
Harry's dad Mike was in the grandstand cheering .
Liz started the show by winning the first leg of the Junior Qld Championship by three seconds.
She and Greenbah jumped clear rounds in the Junior Champs every day but a rail or two in the jump offs kept her out of the placings.
They jumped clear in the first round of the Grand Prix, only 7 managed out of 60 odd competitors.
More experience in these situations will see Liz climb up the leader boards.
Harry with Dusky Farm Jane (the 4 year old mare) was third in the 90cm champs.
Our other competitor George Johnson was on fire all weekend, placed in just about every class he went in. He jumped two horses in the 1.30m-140m's.
There were loads of cojmpetitors and not many venues can cope with such large numbers.
Imagine the judges starting at 8am and going all day for three or four days ,out in all weathers. They are tough for sure.
This weekend Harry and Liz step up to the 1.20m's.
Let's see how we go.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a day!

The Mid -Winter Championships were packed with entries and the competition hot.
Harry and Liz were 1st and 2nd to kick the day off in the 1.05m. Harry was riding in his first competition on Celerity Park Southern Cross a B grader from Qld.Titan is his stable name.
Liz jumped a smart round to be close second on Greenbah.
Harry won the 4 year old class with Dusky Farm Jane and topped his day off with a win in the 1.15m article no 238 2.1 (one rounder)on Titan.
A winning treble,a just reward for all his hard work and dedication.
Greenbah jumped a sharp round in the 1.15m but the last fence came down,uugh.
Milly Clark rode a wonderful round in the 1.20m for one down on her chestnut Connollys Eclipse,definately a horse for the future for her.
Milly was 2nd in the 6 year old class as well with this horse.Milly's other horse jumped clear in the 1.15m at the end of the day in the dark just about.
Milly's mother Jenny won a class in ring 4 and it was the one I sponsored.
Jessica Conran rode very well in the 1.20m on Orion's Star for one down, super job.
Lauren Nicholls also rode well in the 1.20m on her Barney Bedrock for one down.
Great result for these young girls,they work hard and show great promise for the future.Coralie Christie rode on the 80/90cm on her young mare, by Aachimedes,very big scopey type with a lovely temperament.
George Johnson has two horses in the bigger classes had a great day too.He also placed in the 6 year old class with a client's horse.
George won the 1.30m with the super mare Wondaree Sprite,such a trier and George has a wonderful rapport with this feisty mare.
Auzbred(he has a small map of Australia on his shoulder for a brand)jumped superbly to be 5th on the Grand Prix.George should be sleeping well on Sunday night.
Ozzie jumped clear in the 1.30m as well but an incident at the start stopped him jumping in the jump off.
It was a great day and I am delighted for them and their efforts,parents and support too.
The INCIDENT was; the Judge rang the bell for George to start and as George was cantering around towards the start flags when the horse spooked spun around and dropped George on the ground.The horse was caught and returned to the rider and he remounted.The Judge rang the bell for G to be elimated.
I thought that wasn't correct so I told G to stay in the arena and we negotiated with the Judge.The horse did not leave the arena when he was unmounted.
G was reinstated in the class and was allowed to jump.
The reason G was not in the jump off was beause of time penalties. There are rules to cover these types of things.
There is a rule which states if you are over the time limit you will be eliminated. The time limit is the time allowed doubled,so for example 80 seconds time allowed,if you are over 80 you start accumulating time faults, AND WHEN when you go past 160 seconds (double the time allowed) you will be elimated.
So George had 45 seconds to get though the start (the clock starts then) plus 160 before he could be elimated for time.
Bit confusing sure but the rule book in very thick. A dressage analogy is;if a rider falls off or carries a whip as they enter the arenat up the centre line you can remount or drop the whip and continue because the test starts AT/AFTER the first salute,same sort of thing.
ANOTHER INCIDENT;Coralie was riding in the young horse class and came to a jump and the top rail was down. She pulled off and called to the Judge and asked for the fence to be rebuilt.
The Judge rang the bell for Coralie to stop and the jump steward put the rail up the judge rang the bell for Coralie to start and off she went.
These things happen form time to time.
When Coralie came out of the ring I said, 'next time don't pull off just keep going, it is the Judge and Course Designer's responsibility to make sure the course is correct and the same for everyone."
As a result of pullng off Coralies' horse lost its momentum, attention and had a couple of jumps down. This is a usual outcome when the round is interrupted especially with a green horse or rider.
Judges have a long list of responsibilites on a day and their days are very long with short breaks. Errors will occur, so it is up to the competitors to know their rules.
I remember at the Sydney Olympics in the dressage KUR when Ulla Salzgerberger with Rusty were ready to start . She waved her hand to start the music and nothing happened.Time passed, no music, frantic waving, consultation with the judges, finally the music started.
Ulla then rode to perfection to take the Silver or Gold, now that is a very cool head under pressure.
The rules state you must have a back up CD of music and if the music does't work for whatever reason you will be elimated! How would you feel???
It is all good learning,to know the rules is important, many arguments at competitions would be averted if more people were familiar with the rules.To know how to find the relevant rule is a must.
My mother is keen reader of the rule book, 'she says to know the rules means you are fair to everyone'.
The Course Designers Mark Atkins, David Sheppard , Sue Bettington and my Father Bob Brook showed how flowing courses produced good jumping,many thanks.The Sydney Jumping Club ran a massive day on good ground well done.
Big day Monday packing and cleaning etc for the trip North, not to warmer climes probably colder.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

School holidays

The holidays are always busy with teaching.
The July hols started with Jessica Conran going to the State Pony club Champs at Kendall on the North Coast of NSW north of Taree.
Liz was the social director of the weekend by the sound of it and enjoyed herself despite not having a horse to ride.
The ground was very wet and deep, Jess's horse didn't enjoy the going, but she made a jump off or two and placed once.
Liz's horses are back on track now to go to the Mid-Winter champs.
We chose to stay at home instead of going to Tamworth Jumping Club's three day show this weekend because of our horse's not being quite ready.Shame the dates clashed because we do not have enough good shows to compete at really. Both jumping clubs and both good venues.
Mind you both shows have plenty of entries.
Next week we head North to Toowoomba for the Qld Champs and the World Cup show.
Harry has been riding his team of three.Now he knows how much mental work it is as well as the physical.
He is looking forward to the shows as he is on Uni holidays.Harry's three horses are going in 1m/1/10m/1/20m.
Liz's two are 1m/115m.
Lauren Nicholls will be riding too on Sunday. Jessica C and Milly Clark up from Berry
will fill up the day no doubt.
After not having a competition to go to for a while all the kids are keen.
I do not have a horse to ride at the moment ready to go to a show so I will be busy teaching, grooming, driving,etc etc.
Let's see how they shape up!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We didn't make it to Gunnedah this time as we had a horse with a gut impaction.
Last Sunday the vet was called to the horse as it wasn't looking happy, lying down and not hungry.
It is an important lesson for all owners of horses, when your horse isn't interested in food suspect something.
The next day without an improvement we decided to take the horse to the vet clinic and we had an anxious few days waiting for some manure to pass through the system.
We were lucky with our horse and the team at Hawkesbury Equine Vets (at Clarendon)were efficient and very helpful.
The horse was on a drip for three days to help hydrate the horse and flush the intestine.
The importance keeping tabs on their water consumption cannot be stressed enough.
When you are at a competition all day make sure you keep offering your horses water and if they do not drink make up some electrolyte solution.
One day at a pony club sporting day I put lucerne in a bucket of water and carried it around with me and let Cha slurp on that all day.Normally he wouldn't touch a drink if he was working hard like that,but the lucerne tempted him nicely. Do not expect your horse to drink large amounts while working,eg; more than 20 litres at a time
There are plenty of ways to deliver electrolytes, by syringe in the mouth/ in the feed. There are many products on the market.
Sand/dirt in the gut, travelling and hard work causes stress.
What caused this one who knows but thankfully we have a horse at the end of it.
A bit of regrouping and we charge on.

Monday, June 14, 2010


The weather was magnificent and the ground very jumpable after heavy rain a week or two beforehand.
Liz had a great few days with her two horses.
With Greenbah she won the 1.10m two phase with a cracking round. She was 6th in another 1.10m and had one down in the Grand Prix 1.10m and the last fence down in the jumpoff class with a good fast time.
On the grey mare, Lady's First, Liz rode her in the 1m's for two seconds. One on the first day and 2nd in the Grand Prix.The other day they made the jump off but a mistake put them out of the places.
Harry rode Dusky Farm Jane in the Four year old and the 1 metre clases.
They jumped very well and Harry rode a great round in the jumpoff for the 1m GP just a toenail knocked one jump down otherwise they would have been right up there.
Lauren Nicholls was third in the 1m GP as well as riding in the 1.20m for experience.
We are looking for her next horse to be competitive in 1.20ms.
Millie Clarke jumped very well all weekend to win one of the 1.20ms with her chestnut horse Connelly's Eclipse.
As you might notice some of the height variations we compete in do not sound progressive.It also depends on the heights the organisers go with. Some horses find the 1m - 1.10m gap too big so opt for the smaller one.
Entering online has many advantages and one of the few disadvantages is the availablility of your favourite classes to get into.Entering early is the way but showjumpers are notorously late entering. Maybe we will improve.

The FEI AMATEUR Challenge for Category A-B-and C brought plenty of country competitors.
Aaron Hadlow riding his old mare Step Sister was the convincing winner,Rikki Cox was a very deserving runner up.
There was a good group from Dubbo.
Rikki and Sandy Cox, Dale Frew, Kate Edwards and Karleen Barton.
They certainly made their presence felt with plenty of places and wins.
I am off to Townsville teaching this weekend and all systems go for Gunnedah Winer Jumping Festival the following weekend.
Then it is July!!!!